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10 Years of Black Coffee Celebrated

It’s impossible to overestimate the impact that the musician and DJ, Black Coffee, has had on young people in Southern Africa.

He’s a man who has inspired countless young black artists in Southern Africa to follow the calling to create honest, sincere and accessible music, and has risen to heights previously unimaginable for an artist with a disability – and, to be honest, any artist from a colonised territory – in the gruelling world of global dance music.

He’s an uncommon real life hero of our time and fittingly, Red Bull Studios and Made Agency have combined forces to celebrate his greatest achievements of the last 10 years with a brand new interactive tribute site. From being chosen for Red Bull Music Academy in 2003 through his work on Soulistic Music and the Black Coffee Foundation, a variety of stellar releases, recognition from MTV, Boiler Room, Resident Advisor and the Ibiza DJ Awards, all the way to his latest release, ‘Pieces of Me’.

He’s certainly achieved a huge amount in 10 years. Check it all out here and be amazed.

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