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1991 Drops Delicious Fever Trails Remix of Maxime Alexander

Fever Trails by Kent Andreasen

We have word that Cape Town’s Fever Trails is due to release a new body of music very soon, but earlier today he dropped a remix of Maxime Alexander’s ‘Diminishing Returns (Part II)’. Alexander is part of an exciting house of up-and-coming musicians called ‘1991’, which also includes Gourmet. His 6-track album ‘MA14’ sparked considerable excitement in some circles since its release last year, and both parts of ‘Diminishing Returns’ were a real highlight.

Fever Trails’ remix takes the original’s propulsive beat and flips it into the kind of complicated and intricate, yet eminently danceable and confident jam that he’s become known for. It shifts both the mood and register of the song to higher ground, and doesn’t allow the ascension to relent. It’s safe to say that the endlessly-exciting Quit Safari maestro has stamped his mark on this for sure.

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