About Platform:

Southern African Music and Subculture

Mission Statement:

To document, discuss and globally contextualise the best, most important and most interesting music and subcultural happenings in Southern Africa.

What we do:

We publish daily music and culture bites as well as thoughtful commentary from a variety of geographically and sub-culturally diverse voices from across the sub-continent.
In addition, we work with companies to create value for young people like us through music-related activities and content that is relevant to our interests and those of our audience.

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The Team:

Platform Music Magazine Maneo Mohale Ian McNair Ed Blignaut

Image of Ian McNair and Maneo Mohale by Ed Blignaut for 10and5.com

The current Platform permanent team consists of:

Managing Editor Maneo Mohale, who joined Platform in Feb 2017 to look after all the content going up on the site and so much else to do with an upstart media enterprise.
She describes herself as “extremely passionate about what happens at the complicated and fascinating intersections of culture, media, identity and history.” and observes that “South Africa’s media landscape is just beginning to see the immense power that voices from the margins of society can have, and as a queer feminist writer with a deep love for music and culture, I’m inspired to add my own perspective on the unbelievably exciting and challenging currents happening around me everyday.”

Founder and Publisher, Ian McNair, who relaunched the publication in late 2015 with hopes of contributing to the transformation of music journalism and supporting the very best in the music landscape to create sustainable careers and critique the very worst habits of the clunky machinery of the late-capitalist, ‘post’-apartheid music industry.


We would be nothing without our incredible regular contributors (click their names to see their article archive):

Sabelo Mkhabela

Mohato Lekena

Vuyiswa Xekatwane

Russell Grant

Zia Haffejee

Dr. Beth Vale

Matthew Rightford