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Andy Mkosi Releases Sultry & Sincere ‘Set It Off’ Video

Video Still by Meghan Daniels

It’s incredibly rare to come across work that overwhelms me with the sheer force of its sincerity. When I first saw the video for ‘Set It Off’, the new video by the Cape-Town based photographer, videographer and musician Andiswa ‘Andy’ Mkosi, I was immediately taken by the video’s quiet and powerful intimacy.

Filmed and directed by Meghan Daniels, the video sees Mkosi paired up with Sandile Ndelu in a cozy bedroom setting, shot in fragmented close-ups.

Set It Off Still

Daniels manages to capture the tender, sexy, and affectionate chemistry between Mkosi and Ndelu without venturing into voyeurism. Instead, the camera mirrors the delicate curiosity with which Ndelu and Mkosi explore each other – in snippets, hazy snapshots, and cropped caresses.

The song, produced by Cape Town hip-hop/soul duo Beat Sampras, is a slow-simmering invitation, featuring Mkosi’s husky rapping laid over classic boom-bap rhythms and warm, melodic guitar.

Revealing the intention in making the video, Mkosi explained that, “I wanted to be vulnerable in my nakedness and embrace my body… And while doing that, explore queer intimacies. I chose to star with Sandile Ndelu, who identifies as a transgender womxn.”

Set It Off Still

“The intention was to break the whole ideology or concept that, as tomboys, we only lay with feminine lesbians. Not only do I have a crush on Sandy, but I wanted to share in her energy. Sandy beams with confidence in her body, and that is such a lovely energy to have in this difficult society we exist in.”

Watch the video for ‘Set it Off’ below, and be sure to stream Andy Mkosi’s EP, ‘This Audio Is Visual’, available here.

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