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Angel-Ho and Dope Saint Jude join CTEMF line-up in late addition

Angel-Ho and Dope Saint Jude have individually been garnering significant interest in the last few months for the subversive and musically progressive approach to the use of music and sound as a means of expression. Today, it was announced that they will be performing together as a late addition to the already-thrilling lineup of Cape Town Electronic Music Festival. At Platform HQ, we couldn’t be happier, as they’re a perfect fit, representing a highly progressive element of the electronic music landscape in Cape Town.
This announcement comes in the wake of the cancellation of Okmalumkoolkat‘s set after his sentencing to a month in an Australian jail for sexual assault in a hotel room following his performance at the Mono Foma Music Festival in Tasmania last week.

After spending time as the ‘DJ’ and one of the performers in the now Jozi-based Umlilo‘s live act and producing and premiering a fair amount of music before and during those live sets, Angel-Ho started to grow into their own persona. They have performed locally and abroad and co-founded the global African diaspora label NON Records with Chino Amobi and Nkisi, who released a compellingly affronting compilation last month. Angel-Ho has also released a variety of tracks thus far that are characterised as soundscapes, with a mix of challenging influences combining to express their lived experiences. They have also appeared in Dope St. Jude’s single, ‘Keep in Touch’ (below).

Check out their Ascension EP, released on Halcyon Veil:

Dope Saint Jude is a Cape Town emcee who doesn’t hold back from telling her story like it is and calling out those who commit violence against her and her identity on the regular. Standing up for herself, and by extension those who identify with her, has earned her the reputation of almost being an activist musician. That said, she manages to defy that trope and create disarmingly honest and aesthetically fresh portrayals of herself and her lived reality, visually and musically, in a very accessible way, similar to the work of artists like M.I.A.

Check out, ‘Brown Baas’:

Sonically, they each bring very different textures to a fairly similar artistic statement, and that will make their performance together at CTEMF an very interesting one, and certainly one not to be missed.

They play CTEMF at Cape Town’s City Hall on Saturday the 6th of February.

Check them out together in Dope Saint Jude’s ‘Keep In Touch ft. Angel-Ho’

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