What Is ‘Experimental’ Anyway?

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OPINION: Defining the differences between experimental music and pop is like trying to catch smoke with a net. Mohato Lekena tries anyway.

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Sipho The Gift Gives Us A New Single, ‘The Man’

Sipho the gift

NEW MUSIC: The track marks a departure for the Cape Town rapper, straying from roots-style street rap to a much more polished, auto-tune style.

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The Gobbla: Kicking Down Industry Doors & Pursuing New Sounds

ARTIST STORY: DJ/Producer The Gobbla reveals his beginnings and influences, sharing a journey of musical exploration and sustained perserverance.

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Stiff Pap Raises the Bar with Their Propulsive New EP

Stiff Pap

NEW MUSIC: Cape Town based, future electronic music duo Stiff Pap fuses elements of kwaito, gqom, house and hip hop to create their own unique sound.

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FAKA Release Cheekily Subversive ‘Uyang’khumbula’ Video

FAKA Cover Still

NEW MUSIC: With their new video, FAKA uses a familiar danceability, while still managing to exhibit a daring singularity and originality.

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Premiere: Collaborative ‘WAVES’ from Red Robyn, MISSU, Otarel, Jaedon Daniel and SCKIN

WAVES Red Robyn MISSU SCKIN Otarel Jaedon Daniel Russell Grant

NEW MUSIC: Tight collaborative circles birth iconic music scenes, from Seattle to Sophiatown. This track suggests brilliant new scenes developing in Durban.

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Dwson Releases New, Low-Slung Micro-House EP

Dwson Artist Image

NEW MUSIC: The CPT DJ’s ‘Tales’ EP is as deep as you might expect, but doubles down on the shuffle of the percussive grooves involved, swung to infinity.