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Review: Reason – Audio Redefinition

It’s funny to think how old rap is. Sure, it doesn’t yet compare to some of the more established contemporary genres, but it’s no longer the new kid on the

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New Music: BlaQ-Slim ft BoolZ – Man Of The Year

There has been a concerted effort this year from proponents of the Cape Town rap scene to shed its underdog status. Discussions have been had, leading figures like Youngsta have

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New Music: Menchess (Rude Boyz) – Gqom pied piper

Durban’s Rude Boyz have quietly become some of the most prolific dance producers in the country (two new songs have been released since the one I’m writing about here). Beyond


It was all a dream, or ‘Where’d all the 2000s rap go?’

What a time it was to be a rap fan in South Africa. What a difference a decade makes. It’s 2005, and fresh off of the equally surprising and somehow

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Review: NON Worldwide Compilation Volume 1

There is a problem with compilations. The problem with them, and by extension with reviewing them, is that they’re compilations. They’re disparate pieces of music presented as a whole. At