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Wizkid Releases Album With Only One African Feature

Wizkid by Kwaku Alston

NEW MUSIC: With a lengthy list of American features, Sounds from the Other Side still delivers on Wizkid’s iconic Afrobeat sound.

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Platform Recommends (Jozi): naas’ Kitchen Turnip w/ Maramza, Thor Rixon, Nonku Phiri, more

This weekend sees the first ever solo venture northwards of Cape Town’s ex-creative collective, now music management agency, naas. This comes following a series of intimate affairs in a variety

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Platform Recommends: Our CTEMF journey of unmissable acts

Capetonians are preparing themselves for the wonderful experience of listening to some of our favourite electronic acts and discovering all the worlds of music we don’t usually engage with. It’s

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WIN: 2 sets of double tickets to Nightmares on Wax, Kid Fonque, Danger Ingozi and Cateran

All you Jozi music aficionados with FOMO for CTEMF are in luck, as #2SidesOfTheBeat and Kitcheners bring you one of this year’s most exciting CTEMF headliners, Nightmares on Wax. The event

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LIST: 10 songs we loved while we were away

The landscape of popular music is an ever-changing and fascinating thing. We’re back, and committed to bringing you incisive coverage to help you navigate the unpredictable sea of trends and

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Our 10 Worst Coming-Of-Age Songs

Since American Graffiti, awkward coming-of-age tales have been ubiquitous in popular culture. And it’s easy to see why. The adolescent years are characterised by regrettable choices and cringe-worthy tastes – perennial

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Who to Look Out For at CTEMF 2014: Friday

CTEMF, now in its third year and firmly placed as the country’s leading electronic music festival, kicks off this Friday at the Grand Parade. Its lack of multiples stages means

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Track of the Day: Allie X – ‘Catch’

Words: Graham Evans With the rise of 2014 and the setting online presence of Scottish synthpop trio CHVRCHES’ popular release, The Bones of What You Believe, it began to seem