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Ballantine’s Presents Black Coffee’s Human Orchestra in Interesting Campaign

Ballantine’s, the World’s No.2 Scotch Whisky, has recently launched the ‘Stay True, Leave an Impression’ campaign featuring legendary South African house music producer and DJ, Black Coffee.

The campaign involves several short films which are available here and aim for deep and targeted consumer engagement. All artists featured embody Ballantine’s global mantra of ‘Stay True, Leave an Impression’, and this is no different in Black Coffee’s feature. People that share the mantra display their talents, philosophies and creative experiments through a film medium in a unique way.

According to Peter Moore, Global Brand Director for Ballantine’s, “The Stay True Stories series is proving to be a multi-layered and effective way of communicating what Ballantine’s stands for globally, in a way that is both entertaining and unique.”

“If we can dance together, we can live together. We are one.” Black Coffee’s Human Orchestra sends a powerful message about people pursuing their passions while remaining true to themselves. The film is set in Johannesburg (Maboneng and Soweto) and exhibits how it is through our commonalities that we encourage tolerance and unification – something Black Coffee firmly believes in. The choir consists of 40 people – all selected by Black Coffee – who together recreate the music and vocals of his track, ‘Rock My World’.

For Black Coffee, staying true to his passions and beliefs is something that he has always striven to embody and hopes that the ‘Stay True, Leave an Impression’ campaign will encourage this for other artists. “Musical experimentation has the power to bring people together and that’s why I do what I do.”

The voice-only recreation of Black Coffee’s track is truly unique and a wonderful testament to his creativity and process as a music producer. The Ballantine’s campaign is paving an exciting way for more corporate brands to bring people together and to celebrate the impact creativity has on consumer engagement.

You can watch the performance here:


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