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Batuk Return With Second Infectious Single, ‘Call Me Naughty’

We’re not sure what’s caused it, but we catch up with Batuk in the middle of some celebratory folly in the seemingly self-shot-n-edited video for latest track, ‘Call Me Naughty’. The confidence of the teasing, carnivale rhythm perhaps reflects the sweeping hype they’re currently drawing locally and abroad. Since ‘Daniel’ was released late last year, they haven’t dared to rest on their laurels and already have a debut album, Musica Da Terra, set for release at the end of May.

Batuk describe themselves as a creative collective comprised of members Spoek Mathambo, Aero Mayelo and Manteiga. They seem to communicate in a pan-African super-language with bursts of both Portuguese and English emerging in this track from the relentlessly zouk and dance-y rhythms. Fortunately, it all roughly and universally translates to thrumming bass and infectious percussion that can get anyone moving whether or not they understand those silky Portuguese provocations.

Their upcoming record features more collaborations with featured artist Nandi Ndlovu as well as artists such as Grupo Zore and Grupo Makarita (Mozambique); Giovanni Kiyingi, Annet Nandujja, Lebon and Nilotica (Uganda).

Batuk’s video for ‘Call Me Naughty’, shot around Johannesburg by night (amongst other places, possibly including Knysna), starts off faltering sonically and visually – but in just a few short minutes, there’s impressively little hesitation and misstep from this group otherwise.

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