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Beatenberg Have Signed to Island Records

Beatenberg Island Records

Beatenberg had a quietly awesome 2016. Besides from all the macro-chasms that knocked us all collectively back, the trio had a year of steady progress – building on their ground breaking 2014 major label debut The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg and a couple high profile awards. After the album was certified gold, one might have expected, even advised, that the band solidify their local fanbase with the expedient release of new music (or going on an AKA-esque singles bender).

Instead we saw something different – the band bode their time, collaborated smartly and ended up on the radar of British folk pop band Mumford and Sons, with whom they collaborated on an EP, performed around the world and secured massive cross continental TV performances on Later… with Jools Holland and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

On the back of this new international exposure – the band have now announced a new record deal with Island Records – a multi-national arm of Universal Records. The deal is massive, and places the band in the same stable as seminal foreign acts like Florence and the Machine, The Weeknd and Drake.

“There are few South African acts that have been truly welcomed into the international majors space. I’m positive that Beatenberg’s signing will help open doors for more artists creating homegrown music that appeals to a much broader, global audience.” says Sevi Spanoudi, founder of their management agency, Black Major.

It’s big deal for them, and depending on how it plays out and how they play it out, potentially for the rest of the local scene too.


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