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The Booth: Alice Phoebe Lou Shares Her Dreamy Playlist

Booth Alice Phoebe Lou
Original Image by Lucas Fiederling

Many people would have first come across Alice Phoebe Lou when her moving performance on TEDxBerlin became wildly popular. However, the singer-songwriter had been working at her craft for a few years already, including annual travels to her home-from-home, Berlin, where busking culture holds a more formidable and sustainable presence than South Africa.

It is this fiercely independent approach to her music that has really captivated the hearts of her loyal fans. Supporting artists such as Rodriguez, Alice has used her extensive touring of intimate shows to build the sound for her 2016 debut album, Orbit– “an intricately woven pattern of soul, blues and jazz: scattered with retro, beatnik melodies; soothing vocal harmonies and sleazy brass flourishes.”

Alice is also no stranger to festival stages, particularly Rocking The Daisies, where her ability to own the Main Stage with just a guitar and her voice is beautiful to behold. Catch her next Friday 6 October and witness just how much an artist can achieve by being sincere in their ambition.

Each month we invite a South African musician to join us in The Booth to see what they’re bumping, to get a sense of where the magic (partly) comes from. With Rocking The Daisies and OppiKoppi almost upon us, we decided to invite a handful of musicians who will be performing at the respective festivals to join us for a special festival edition of The Booth, where we will feature one artist each day leading up to festival weekend.

This edition investigates Alice Phoebe Lou’s playlist, sharing 5 tracks that she’s into, in no particular order: 

Twain – ‘Solar Pilgrim’

There’s something about the way this man writes that just pokes at all the deep, sometimes repressed, melancholic feelings. The longing, the loneliness. Sometimes I need to hear a song like this to ground me and bring me back to myself, cause I feel like we prioritise emotions and try to avoid the dark ones, but it’s so good to get music to bring you face to face with the dark shit.

Noname – ‘Diddy Bop’

This woman is power. Her flow is like nothing I’ve ever heard and the authenticity of what and how she communicates is incredibly inspiring, as I always admire people who make music that is so personal and perform as themselves. Watching her live is like honey in your ears and she just makes me want to be a better musician.

Sonnymoon – ‘Just Before Dawn’

This song and music video speak to me deeply. Some seriously human shit going on here. Such a simple and beautiful song that touches on our mortality and insignificance in the most beautiful and real way. I love listening to music like this while walking around a big and foreign city.

Big Thief – ‘Paul’

There’s something about her silky voice, the dreamy guitar lines and the beautiful & simple production of this song that makes it one of my favourites of the year. It hits the spot big time and makes me feel alive.

Nicolas Jaar – ‘Colomb’

So autumn has hit Berlin with some moody grey days, and I’ve been spending more time at home when I am not touring. Putting this record on, especially this song, is a go to for me, getting me into the moody autumn weather and letting my mind wander.

Take a listen to Alice Phoebe Lou perform her ethereal song, ‘Ocean’ below, and check out our first #FestivalBooth feature, YoungstaCPT here.

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