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The Booth: Langa Mavuso Shares His Soulful Sounds

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With winter properly settled in, we could all do with some sultry and soulful cozy-by-the-fire love songs. Cue Langa Mavuso. The vocalist, who views both Johannesburg and Cape Town as home, has built up an impressive following and performance momentum in the two years since his very first release. If I had to put him at the centre of a Venn diagram of vocal influences, he would probably be surrounded by John Legend, John Mayer and Frank Ocean. I’m talking the sultriest of sultry with heart-melting harmonies and an abundance of mature and emotive phrasing.

His most recent offering is a two-track EP called Home recorded at, and released by Red Bull Studios in May. The EP sees him in more of an instrumentally organic space than his 5-track 2016 EP, Liminal Sketches, which has some hard-hitting, immaculate electronic production. He recently landed an interview in ELLE’s July ‘Love’ print edition, as well as his first ever spot on the line-up for OppiKoppi, which he is extremely excited about, and rightfully so. I can’t wait to see what more is in store for this incredibly talented and ambitious musician.

We all want to know exactly what our favourite musicians are bumping to get a sense of where the magic (partly) comes from. The Booth is a taste of all that. This edition investigates Langa Mavuso’s playlist, sharing 5 tracks that he’s into, in no particular order:

Daniel Caesar – ‘We Found Love’

This is Ceasar’s latest release and on the two track EP he shares his disappoint about a love lost but also on the second he speaks frankly about the blessing of finding and being in love as flawed people. He is one of my favourite musicians and I’ve grown a lot from his music.

Sun El Musician Feat. Samthing Soweto – ‘Akanamali’

The song is a well textured afro-electronic collaboration that sits on the most infectious beat you’ll ever hear it. It makes me long for the summer sun.

Chance The Rapper – ‘D.R.A.M Sings Special’

This is a very SPECIAL tune off Chance The Rapper’s latest album Coloring Book. It’s a simple yet soulful song that will turn any frown upside down.

Thirdstory – ‘Grows Old’

This is my favourite vocal trio ever! Dare I say that out loud. Their music carries a great deal of emotion and their vocal work is impeccable. This is my sad boy anthem.

Manana – ‘Voice Message’

I’m so lucky to have a new unreleased version of this song which I hope he will release soon. He’s an amazing musician and someone that I look forward to seeing grow and expand his reach. He’s one to look out for, for sure.

Take a listen to Langa Mavuso’s ‘Sunday Blues’ below, and be sure to grab your ticket to Oppikoppi where he’ll be performing in October, available here.

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