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Card On Spokes Shares Neo-Noir Exploration of Creative Block for ‘Ribbon Tooth’

Card On Spokes Ribbon Tooth music video Sara CF De Gouveia
still from video

Card On Spokes has released an intense and riveting ‘neo-noir’ video for his track ‘Ribbon Tooth’. Written and directed by Portuguese Sara CF de Gouveia, the video is shot entirely in black-and-white and tells the story of a young woman fighting through her writer’s block.

‘Ribbon Tooth’ debuted on Okayafrica yesterday.

‘Ribbon Tooth’ is one of the more hard-hitting songs off the artist’s beautiful 2016 EP As We Surface; the video here serves as a perfectly-suited accompaniment. Close-ups of the gears and buttons of the character’s typewriter become a visual embodiment of the visceral percussion that propels the song throughout. Actress Siphokazi Khuboni perfectly captures the mania of creating, of struggling to create, of putting your very lifeblood into your art in the hopes of producing something meaningful. She types and smokes and sips cups of coffee and searches endlessly for herself, but at the end – as it is throughout – her pages remain blank.

In an almost surrealist description of the concept, De Gouveia observes that we often live in two worlds, that aren’t always connected; “We navigate between the realm of “reality” where we interact with the outside world, and the almost fictional realm of our minds, where anything is possible. I am interested in exploring the line where these two spheres collide.” To create the mystery and eerie feel, she says she referenced filmmakers Carol ReedFritz Lang and Maya Deren.

Cooper is an artist who gives everything he has toward his art and his creativity, as we learned in the conversation we had with him a few months ago [ed: a must-read!]. In this video, we see some of the anguish that comes with that – but also, importantly, we see searching, we see purpose glimpsed, and we see beauty.

Listen to the rest of EP on iTunes/Apple Music here or via the artist’s Bandcamp below, but definitely check out the full feature on Card On Spokes from December 2016:

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