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Gourmet’s ‘There You Go’ out via 1991’s Annex and Kitsuné

Annex Gourmet There You Go Cape Town South African Music

New Music: The eclectic sophist-pop gem shares a return to the sounds of debut album, Cashmere, via brand new release structure/publication with Kitsuné.

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Fak’ugesi Bloc Party: Zaki Ibrahim, Petite Noir, Nonku Phiri, Micr.Pluto and more

Bloc Party

EVENT NEWS: The decidedly geeky, Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival puts together an Ocean’s Eleven style crew of local musicians.

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Kay Faith Releases One of the Best Albums of 2017

Kay Faith

NEW MUSIC: With her latest debut EP In Good Faith, Kay Faith draws on her impressive network and gathers notable names in South African hip-hop.

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Rose Bonica Releases Debut EP ‘Rosy Disposition’

Rose Bonica by Ashiq Johnson

NEW MUSIC: Cape Town House producer shares her feelsy debut EP, expressing a process of catharsis and taking responsibility for one’s own failures.

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Maggz Releases New Album After 8-Year Hiatus


NEW MUSIC: The smooth rhyme slayer from Soweto releases ‘For Love and Glory’, a timely and long-awaited album.

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Priddy Ugly Unleashes Bass-Heavy New Single, ‘Tshela’

Priddy Ugly

NEW MUSIC: In his latest single, Priddy Ugly rides a bass-heavy instrumental courtesy of his long-time producer Wichi 1080.