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Escapism Refuge Astounds With An Intricate and Propulsive New EP

Joker by Escapism Refuge

NEW MUSIC: With his new Joker EP, the Joburg-based producer delivers on the contemplative and extremely refined music we’ve come to expect.

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Sibot Releases Part ‘L’ of V.L.D.T. Project

Sibot L VLDT Aaron Polikoff

NEW MUSIC: Part 2 of the legend of electronica’s series of EPs focuses on the 4/4 areas of his eccentric musical world, and does not disappoint…

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Nosisi Ngakane Shares Haunting, Spiritual Video for ‘GODFORMA Chasing Dragons’

Still from Nosisi Ngakane GODFORMA Chasing Dragons Video

NEW VIDEO: With this track, this under-appreciated industry fixture brings us grounded spiritualism and a yearning for respite for a boy from his demons…

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Floors Launches Their Highly-Anticipated Debut EP

Floors by Kent Andreasen

NEW MUSIC: Multi-instrumentalists Mikhaela Faye and Greg Abrahams launch their debut EP this Saturday, promising an immersive listening experience.

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Mr Eazi Tells A Tale of Two Cities With His New Mixtape

Accra to Lagos by Mr. Eazi

NEW MUSIC: With his laid-back vocals and trademark Banku style, Mr Eazi cements his status as an Afrobeats star with a mixtape connecting Accra and Lagos.

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Spoek Mathambo Returns with a Transcendental and Groove-Driven Message

I Found You by Spoek Mathambo

NEW MUSIC: Spoek Mathambo reconnects to his maskandi roots with new track ‘I Found You’, featuring soulful vocals, earthy bass and rhythmic guitar.

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PURE’s ‘No Secret’ Marks Her Solo Debut with Grace in Vulnerability

PURE by Purity Mkhize

NEW MUSIC: Purity Mkhize’s new video exudes breathtaking vulnerability as she explores what it means to be an artist on a journey to self-acceptance.

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Reason Shares Sneak Peeks into His Upcoming Album, ‘Girls’

Reason by Sabelo Mkhabela

UPCOMING RELEASE: Reason teases new songs from his forthcoming album, ‘Girls’, exploring women in all their glory and complexity.