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BCUC & KAJAMA To Play Sunday Edition This Week

BCUC Kajama Sunday Edition Jerri Mokgofe

Event News: In Cape Town, following from May’s show with Petite Noir, Black Major return with the laidback, intimate experience featuring BCUC and Kajama.

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Not Sorry Club Returns with a Fierce Line-Up

Not Sorry Club

EVENT NEWS: Tonight’s edition of the much-loved community event celebrates the beauty of going “squad deep.”

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Mvelo Curates a Stellar Line-Up for DarlingAkia


EVENT NEWS: Happening at Kitchener’s this Saturday, the event’s tagline is “stop listening to music that you feel most comfortable on listening to”.

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Fak’ugesi Bloc Party: Zaki Ibrahim, Petite Noir, Nonku Phiri, Micr.Pluto and more

Bloc Party

EVENT NEWS: The decidedly geeky, Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival puts together an Ocean’s Eleven style crew of local musicians.