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Zakwe and Cassper in Kyle Lewis’ Latest Problematic Video

OPINION: With the impact of ZA hip hop music videos on people’s consciousness in mind, we need to hold directors to higher standards of visual storytelling.


Balancing the Scales: On the Erasure of Femmes in House Music

OPINION: Jackie Queens traces the genesis and politics of house music with a focus on femmes: “Our erasure is not a new concept.”


What Is ‘Experimental’ Anyway?

OPINION: Defining the differences between experimental music and pop is like trying to catch smoke with a net. Mohato Lekena tries anyway.


Against Misinformation: Local Stories by Local Storytellers

Opinion: Following The Fader’s disconnected appraisal of the South African hip hop scene on Monday, Angela Weickl hits back in defence of local storytellers.


The 90%: Shuffling Away From The West and Vindicating an Industry

By now we should all be aware of yesterday’s sudden announcement by music veteran and musician’s advocate Don Laka that the SABC had agreed to force all 18 of its


Opinion: Tiger Tiger is not the only animal in the white jungle

‘All these white folks chanting when I asked ’em where my niggas at?
 Goin’ crazy, got me goin’ crazy, I can’t get wit’ that.
 Wonder if they know, I know they won’t


It was all a dream, or ‘Where’d all the 2000s rap go?’

What a time it was to be a rap fan in South Africa. What a difference a decade makes. It’s 2005, and fresh off of the equally surprising and somehow

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Music is fractured, and that should be celebrated

In Southern Africa, and globally, musically niche events and sub-scenes are growing and becoming increasingly able to exist independently, while – with some exceptions – generalist (or ‘diverse’) events are

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Could FIFA 15 Tell You Which Foreign Bands Will Come To South Africa Next Year?

When The Black Keys released their eighth studio album Turn Blue in May, it became their first album to reach the pinnacle of the American Billboard chart for best-selling album.

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New Academics: A Retrospective

In the winter of 2013, I developed an expensive addiction to Tony Cox’s International Guitar Night. As a subject of this great addiction, I was exposed to its undeniable perks.