Kanye, Kimmel, Chappelle and the glass ceilings of the 21st century

Recently Kanye West gave an exclusive interview to the BBC’s Zane Lowe. This interview, and the resultant events, provides an enlightening pop culture moment. A debate around race, class and

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Miley Cyrus: She Can’t Stop. She Won’t Stop. She Shouldn’t Have To.

Every few years, a beloved child star finally starts living her life and everyone else starts clutching their pearls about it. This year, it was Miley’s turn to bear the

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Just A Reflection: Radiohead, Arcade Fire, and Marketing Music in the New Age

Back in 2008, after their split with major label EMI, Radiohead decided to implement the radical “name your price” model for their next independently released masterwork, In Rainbows. Since then, a