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K-Dollahz’ Futuristic Nostalgia Waits On No Dimes

ARTIST FEATURE: When K-$ isn’t breaking your gendered ideas of streetwear and aesthetics on Insta, he’s dropping R&B, funk and disco classics & deep cuts.

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Card On Spokes: Artfully Juggling Many Worlds

ARTIST FEATURE: With ‘As We Surface’, he blended his musical worlds more than ever before to stunningly warm, vibrant and danceable effect.

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Bateleur: The Long Wait, The Climax, The Loss

PHOTO STORY: Rich, sensitive images of Bateleur’s conditionally final show, celebrating the release of their debut LP, out digitally today.

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Sun Xa: Experimenting with Structure and Style to Take Us to the Future

ARTIST FEATURE: The music and band membership changes constantly and the positioning is both futuristic and historically respectful.

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DJ Lag: The Gqom King Goes Global

ARTIST FEATURE: The Gqom King has just completed his first first Euro-Asia tour and returns to SA to celebrate the launch of his GCA-released EP.

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ByLwansta: Less Trap-Rap Bandwagon, More Detail-Driven Artistry

ARTIST FEATURE: The rising shapeshifter out of Durban on how he approaches the game, and the other-other rules he’s decided to play by.

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Floyd Lavine: Finding a Home in House

ARTIST FEATURE: The ZA-born, London- and Berlin-cultivated musical powerhouse and move-maker shares insights into how he crafts his sounds in every medium.

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Buli’s ‘Feels’ Displays Confident Youthfulness and Uncommon Sentimentality

ARTIST FEATURE / VIDEO PREMIERE: The Pretoria-based beats scene champion makes music for your soul, inspired by cartoons and lust.

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With ‘Wax Bridge’, Is Fever Trails The Logical Next Step or Comfortably Peripheral?

[ARTIST FEATURE] …and does he need to care? He just makes music that feels good to him, and hopes that others feel the warm, body-jolting goodness too.

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Sakawa Boys: Brilliantly Trading in Our Frail Emotions and Working Through Collective Anxiety

FEATURE: Through great turmoil and taxing labour, Sakawa Boys have developed a distinct sound, achieved by intending to evoke real meaning in their debut LP.