Interview: The Future Primitives

A few hours ahead of the vinyl launch of the new album, Into the Primitive, at gourmet burger spot, Clarkes, I was informed by my editor of an act of

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Profile: Oh Dark Arrow

Authenticity will be a recurring theme here at Platform, as it should, and will be a territory of uncertainty and debate for the foreseeable future, globally and in the South

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Just A Reflection: Radiohead, Arcade Fire, and Marketing Music in the New Age

Back in 2008, after their split with major label EMI, Radiohead decided to implement the radical “name your price” model for their next independently released masterwork, In Rainbows. Since then, a


Interview: 20sk8’s Wesley Toothless

A culture driven by its mentality in a society of self sufficiency and non dependancy. A brotherhood that represents the connection with each other through an ideology of gangsterism but


Platform Profile: Smith & Abrahams

“It’s important to have a brand concept that will keep you inspired for a long time. Have a concept that runs deep or that you personally are invested in.” Future

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New Graduate: Mohato Lekena

Mohato grew up in Joburg, and like most young people, wasn’t sure what he wanted to end up doing. When asked the question of his future occupation, he’d reply “an