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Christian Tiger School Sonar 2014 Mix

Christian Tiger School released an exciting mix of entirely new and unreleased material on Friday, in anticipation of Sonar Cape Town 2014. While the Cape Town duo have been boasting a bold new direction for the past few months via their live performances, this mix offers a glimpse into the form the new direction has taken on the recorded side.

Standing at just over 25 minutes, a focus on progress and differentiation is clear. With plenty of heavy synth sections and complex rhythmic patterns, Zanasi and Veermeer take the mix to an almost harshly new soundscape. The last 10 minutes see a return to a more familiar down tempo atmosphere, but still with clear indications of progress.

The track list is as follows:

1. Intro (0′ – 1:35′)

2. HABBAS (1:35′ – 4:13′) [Work In Progress]

3. Stompbox (4:13′ – 7:42′) [Work In Progress]

4. Sleep a Salt (7:42′ – 10:19′) [Instrumental]

5. Rising Phoenix/Magic Bus (10:19′ – 14:10) [B side]

6. Singe (14:10′ – 15:14′) [Instrumental]

7. Roundhouse Picnic (15:14′ – 18:05′) [Work In Progress]

8. Hey Arnold (18:05′ – 23:30′) [B side]

 9. Outro (23:30′ – 25:32′)


You can listen to the mix here:

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