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CTEMF 2017: Expanded Format, 2 Cities and Workshops Announced!

CTEMF 2017

As if the prospect of CTEMF 2017 wasn’t already exciting enough, the past couple days of announcements are something else. if you’ve been paying attention you would have seen more artists, workshops, effectively a whole other festival in Joburg and an expanded format for the central fest in Cape Town. We’ll break it down for you:

CTEMF’s 5 stage format + full and final lineup

The City Hall will be humming from 4pm on Friday to midnight on Sunday, almost non-stop. Every year has been packed full of legendary and cutting edge sounds, and this year sees even more variety on offer, with the expansion from three whole stages to five. That’s five choices for getting your groove on at any given moment. We already had the Audiotorium, the big one for the acts that needs a big room, the Club Stage, for the sweaty, all-night heave, or the Terrace Stage for some fresh air and deep groove all day and all night. Now, we have the Chill Stage, which provides a laid-back backing track for taking a moment to refuel and relax, as well as the Mezzanine, which will bring in an eclectic mix of nostalgic dancing queens and experimental jive.

Full lineup here and below:

CTEMF 2017 Full LineupCTEMF Connect JHB 10-12 Feb

CTEMF Connect JHB 2017Joburg has not been left out in the cold very often with CTEMF’s massive lineups, with a handful of partner promoters in Egoli putting on shows to give the city an opportunity to taste the magic of many of the foreigners and some of the heavy-hitting local acts. This year it’s all coming together in one massive showcase event at the ex-snake park labyrinth superclub, Truth. Alongside heavy hitters from near and far, such as ÂME (Live), Jullian Gomes, Heidi, Daev MartianMateo!Danger IngoziYanoss, Kat La Kat, Rosie Parade, Leeu and Ryan Hemsworth.

Full info here.

Open End Workshops (7-9 Feb)

Every year, Cape Town’s electronic music community gets a chance (free of charge) to learn and share and discuss and build through the CTEMF Open End Talks, which have featured pioneers such as Goldie, Petite Noir, DJ Superfly, Caspa and more. This year the series of talks returns to Red Bull Studios in Bree Street and Guga S’thebe in Langa, featuring a fantastic programme that includes Youngsta, Coldcut, Stay True Sounds label owners Jullian Gomes and Kid Fonque, info and practical resources for young electronic artists looking to make it in the world of music from Ready D, ANG and others, and much more.

Check out the full info here.

If you haven’t already, get your tickets here asap, as the price is going up just now, and check out our feature on CTEMF-billed artist K-$.

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