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New Music: Death Panthers Release Shakey Cellphone Music Video for ‘Nicoteen’

Death Panthers Nicoteen

On ‘Nicoteen’, the immediacy of Death Panthers’ music comes from a fresh angle: a Jay Reatard-esque ripper circa Blood Visions. It’s the second single (following last week’s ‘No Fun‘) from the young punks’ forthcoming LP, appropriately titled Nothing to Lose Nothing to Prove. 

Appropriate, because it’s pretty accurate as to where the band is at. They’re seemingly aware that, musically speaking, there’s little unexplored turf on the garage front. With that comes an appreciation of their combined personality as pretty central to their appeal. And if anything, Ollie and James have enough personality to go ‘round, as evidenced by the music video.

It’s funny and proudly odd, but occasionally steps out of DIY turf and into high-school-film-project territory. Still, the whole thing smacks of two friends talking shit, cooking up ideas and actualising them, which beholds its own charm. It’s a fun visual presentation coupled with a catchy single that suggests some real growth from the Cape Town duo and holds promise for the forthcoming release.

Nothing to Lose, Nothing to Prove is out soon.

The song and album were recorded at Red Bull Studios in Cape Town.
Recording Engineer: Ryan Sullivan
Mixing/Mastering Engineer: Daniel Lidchi
Assistant Production: Reghardt Pienaar
Additional Production: Daniel Lidchi

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