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Dope Saint Jude Shares New EP, ‘Reimagine’ Ahead of US Tour

Dope Saint Jude Reimagine EP

Dope Saint Jude has just shared her debut EP, Reimagine. It’s filled with her signature brand of angry directness, bursting joy and absolute lyrical clarity.

Saint Jude is not one to mince her words and this EP is no exception. In the short time that she has been actively pursuing a post-academia, full-time music career, she has been forging a hope-filled and unapologetically honest career for herself in a world that (we all know) places very little value on the contributions – artistic or otherwise – of women, of people of colour and of queer people.

One of the lyrics, especially in the wake of the Orlando Massacre this last weekend, rings true and exemplifies a lot of what Dope Saint Jude seems to represent: “I wanna believe that the world is a beautiful place, but I don’t always see it.”

The EP precedes the artist’s first tour to the US, later this month, and comes soon after she spent time performing and talking at In Between in Finland, and her breakout performance at CTEMF in Feb of this year, both alongside soundscape performance artist Angel-Ho.

This body of work, which Dope Saint Jude produced herself, is ambitious and in some ways buckles what we have come to expect hip hop to be, and in other ways panders to those expectations perfectly. Thematically, she speaks to issues affecting her, directly and in no uncertain terms, but in a way that invites you in to listen to the conversation to learn. She clearly demonstrates what seems to be a belief in an achievable better world.

Peppered with quotable and relatable lyrics for almost any sort of human being, Reimagine is presented in Saint Jude’s very own almost-rudimentary staccato cadence and ambitiously dense flow.

It is produced by Saint Jude herself, recorded and mixed by prolific newcomer Kay Faith. It also features guitar-playing from Prof. Adam Haupt, singer/rapper Andy Mkosi and singer Janeli Michelle Steyn. Artwork by The Seppis and Rosetta Petersen.

Dope Saint Jude US Tour Dates:

30/06 – Hussy Planet – White Horse Bar, Oakland, CA
01/07 – Club Fist x Hussy Planet – Cheetahs, Los Angeles, CA
02/07 – Hussy Planet – The Lash, Los Angeles, CA
03/07 – Swagger Like Us x Hussy Planet – El Rio, San Francisco, CA (Day)
– Hussy Planet – Good Mother Gallery, Oakland, CA (Night)

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