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Dwson Releases New, Low-Slung Micro-House EP

Dwson Artist Image
Dwson / Image Courtesy of the Artist

Early on Tuesday this week, Cape-based deep house producer Dwson released a new EP, entitled Tales, through Red Bull Studios.

For a large number of underground producers, releasing music through Red Bull’s well-resourced studios can mark the peak in a budding career. In this case though, the release seems less like a peak, and more like a natural next step on an already inclining career path.

There are certainly many ways to “make it” in the music industry, with some methods deemed easier than others. Most rely entirely on the luck of a co-sign. What many require, to some level at least, is the type of unique, boisterous and extroverted personality that wants to be seen, heard and spoken about. Even if the artist’s own personality does not personally reflect this, someone has to – whether it be a PR team or the artist stepping out of themselves to perform. With this in mind, what then, does one make of Dwson and his steady rise?

Moving quickly through Cape Town’s ranks (a city with a less-prominent house scene in a house-loving nation), no part of Dwson’s online persona screams ‘extrovert’.

Most of his statements on social media run only a sentence long – often reading less as sentences and more like matter-of-fact information on a press release. For example, the launch of his Sool EP was followed by a simple status update: “Available for purchase” followed by a link.

His Soundcloud page is currently bio-less, and is solely comprised of his numerous EPs, put out through a number of local labels including Cruel Section and Just Move Records. His Facebook bio succinctly reads, “(Producer/DJ)” followed by a brief description of his sound, using terms like “forward thinking”, “emotionally stimulating” and “bouncy”.

Therein though, lies the secret to his magic – everything Dwson communicates points back to the music, with as little distraction as possible. This seems to be an artist who deeply believes that their work can, and will be enough to see them through. So far, this belief hasn’t been wrong.

The Tales EP is as deep as you might expect from Dwson by now, but doubles down on the shuffle of the percussive grooves involved, swung to infinity. The tempos are all low slung and slower than standard club fare – a rising trend in the Cape, championed in part by label mate Dunn Kidda, who is also featured on the EP’s title track. Standout song ‘G’ has drums that skittle with a micro-house timing at certain points, and the type of natural automation on synth parts one would expect all the hardware that the Red Bull Studios could offer.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a listen to Dwson’s new EP, Tales below:

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