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Editors, Wolfmother, Cat Power to Play Oppikoppi 2014

There’s something you simply have to love about this time of year, when Oppikoppi announces their…

There’s something you simply have to love about this time of year, when Oppikoppi announces their line-up. For many, it is a time of excitement, of mouth-watering anticipation, the hope that a favourite foreign act might grace the same stage as local legends, big-timers, pretenders and aspirants. Individual announcements are frequently met with a rapturous response. Taken as a whole, though, the line-up – firmly grounded in rock n’ roll roots, but recently sprawling out constantly in myriad disparate directions – often gets a step beyond eclectic to just, well… strange. Often in a good way; always in a mildly amusing way.

Last year, Yellow Card, known mainly for ‘Ocean Avenue‘ which could be viewed every weekday at 4 on TRL for a couple of months a decade ago, shared the stage with middling British math rock band Manchester Orchestra and the brilliant Deftones.

This year is no different. Legendary singer-songwriter Cat Power, one of the last two decade’s most interesting recording artists, was announced incredibly inconspicuously about a week before the trumpeted announcement of Aloe Blacc, who you probably know from this song or who you might be aware of because he did that song with Avicii (Avicii hasn’t even credited him on the YouTube track title. Fucking Avicii.) Next were Editors, those wide-eyed sound trackers of teenage heartbreak, and a major part of the musical diet of any millennial kid raised on indie. Finally, the top-billed act, Wolfmother were announced earlier today. Apparently Oppi’s organisers have been trying to get the Australian act down for four years now, so this represents a major coup. It is, of course, the announcement that seems the most fitting and who will please the majority of their loyal base. There’s no doubt that, come their set, the atmosphere in the place will be electric.

You kinda have to hand it to the organisers. This is their twentieth year of existence, and they still manage to surprise. Cat Power in the dust bowl promises to be remarkable and unique.

The foreign acts will be joined by a similarly eclectic pick of local acts, from Christian Tiger School to The Muffinz to DJ Spoko to Original Swimming Party to Grassy Spark and more. It’s going to be… well, just like each year’s artist announcements, it’s difficult to say what it’s going to be. But it seem like, if you can make it, you should probably be there. With two decades of experience, this festival knows how to deliver. There’s truly nothing else like it.

For the full list of artists announced (thus far) go here.

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