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ICYMI: FAKA Have Joined DJ Lag on the Lineup For Unsound Festival, Poland

FAKA Unsound Festival 2016
image courtesy of Unsound Festival

One of the internet’s most disruptive sound art duos out of SA, FAKA, has been announced on the bill of Unsound Festival this October. This sees them joining fellow ZA pioneer DJ Lag amongst a lush lineup, which also includes UK’s GAIKA, Phuture, the first live performance of the acclaimed ‘Stranger Things‘ soundtrack and so much more.

The music-focused arts festival in Krakow takes on the format of a myriad different shows, installations and discussions, in a myriad different venues, which has included museums, warehouses, a former tram hall, churches, a synagogue and even a salt mine in previous years. Last year’s lineup boasted two stellar reps from SA, Angel-Ho and Nozinja.

Set in Kraków, Poland, the annual music festival in known for its emphasis on the evolution and mutation of music and visual arts. A culture-challenging tour de force, FelaGucci (Thato Ramaisa) and Desire Marea (Buyani Duma) have risen to prominence by developing queer-concerned performance art for black bodies into a fully fledged movement driven by the tools of the digital age. Their alternative expression of the queer identity finds its locus in sexual fluidity, most notable in FAKA’s seminal performance piece, Wait Lorraine: a Wemmer-Pan-African Introduction to Siyakaka Feminism.
That’s how we’ve come to understand them; Fela as the gay black boy who finds his right to existence through his deconstructed beliefs and Desire as the blink-or-you’ll-miss-it nasty birl who’s forging the path to evolution. It is through efforts like their 2015 Unlabelled feature – the online magazine capturing youth culture players like Nakhane Toure, DJ Doowap and Nikki Zakkas – where their StruggleciaPlease gospel is further being crystallised.

Theirs is a simple mission: to exploit the power of their black queer bodies to create an archive, organisation and support system for bodies that see a chapter of their multi-dimensional story mirrored in FAKA’s.

At the festival, FAKA will perform alongside Isreali MC Miss Red. Explore the rest of the Unsound Festival lineup here, and keep wise of FAKA’s work via Soundcloud.


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