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FAKA Release Cheekily Subversive ‘Uyang’khumbula’ Video

FAKA Cover Still
Still from FAKA's Uyang'khumbula Video / Image Courtesy of the Artist

Less than a month after releasing their latest, and most directly danceable new single ‘Uyang’khumbula’, artist and production duo FAKA has released the visuals for the song. Ever eager to prove they’ll never rest on their laurels, the video drop comes hot on the heels of the duo’s new website

The site fulfills the promise that FAKA is more than a duo of musical and artistic innovators, but rather a “cultural movement” built around a revolutionary manifesto that they frequently dub “Siyakaka Feminism”. The website’s first feature is already up, profiling a pair of youth innovators, Bradley and Nkulsey.

While FAKA’s ‘Uyang’khumbula’ serves as a come-up story in its narrative, the song is handled with more of a smirk than a sneer in the music – and the video aims for the same energy. It’s ostensibly a performance video, focused on FAKA flexing a number of deliciously daring and venturesome looks by Nao Serati with an unassuming confidence. All set in a typically South African looking outdoor terrain, it’s an aesthetic you certainly wouldn’t have seen before, unless you dive into the back catalogue of FAKA’s previous visual work.

FAKA Video Still

Still from FAKA’s ‘Uyang’khumbula’ Video

Seeing the song play out on screen only further solidifies the subversion that FAKA continues to achieve time and time again – everything about the duo screams singularity, even when they use a familiar danceability as the backbone of this new work.

One thing is for sure – when it comes to the many reactions and responses one can have to FAKA’s work, indifference is impossible.

Watch the FAKA’s video for ‘Uyang’khumbula’ below:

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