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FAKA’s latest EP ‘Amaqhawe’ Available for Pre-Order

FAKA Amaqhawe Nick Widmer Omar Morto Surreal Sessions
Cover Artwork (cropped) by Nick Widner

Four months after the release of their most (deceptively) accessible and most widely reaching single, ‘Uyang’khumbula, art/music duo FAKA have announced that their latest EP – Amaqhawe – will be released this Friday the 27th (with pre-orders already available via iTunes).

FAKA have always been a malleable duo – not in that their efforts are chameleon-like, blending in with whatever the background is, but rather the opposite – that the singularity and conceptual strength of what they produce is such that their processes can be applied to a number of musical contexts. ‘Uyang’Khumbula’ saw them tapping on gqom and sghubu sounds, while the rest of the EP sees them collaborating with Cape Club affiliates Surreal Sessions and Omar Morto.

The Cape Club collective/movement is one borne from the city’s bass music scene but injecting a greater sense of reverence for modern club music (whether from Jersey, the UK or Durban). Tempos here are high, distortion often liberal and tongues firmly in cheek. While none of the end products from these collaborations have been released yet, each of the component parts for a propulsive and transgressive release have been laid out.

Beyond these rather non-specific things, it’s difficult to say what the music will be, as it often is when trying to pin FAKA down to a single box. The most apt description of their practice, though it may be their own description is on the Facebook page they have up, which currently lists FAKA as ‘teacher/lecturer’ – and you’d be hard pressed to disagree.

Since the release of their debut EP, Bottoms Revenge, on underground label NON Worldwide, they’ve launched Cunty Power, a night of growing influence aiming to not only be a safe space for queer, trans and non-binary partygoers but a platform for young performers to ply their trade with an audience hungry for content. Their site, in addition to hosting all the requisite material you’d expect from a musical act, also hosts interviews with the “legendary children” Nkulsey and Bradley (both still in their teens).

In fact one has to look no further than some of the reactions to the cover artwork from the upcoming EP, all shot by Nick Widmer, to see both how wide their reach is and how many people whose boundaries could do with a good push are being affected by it. One can only imagine than once the music is out – drawing people in with the sounds and increasing engagement – the number of students witnessing their lectures will only grow.

While we wait for the EP to drop, catch the video for ‘Uyang’khumbula’ below:

[Update: It’s out!]

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