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Video: Felix Laband on Finding The Deaf Safari Essence and ‘Squeeze the Trigger’ Live

After a whole decade of almost total silence following the massively impactful album, Dark Days Exit, Felix Laband announced last year, during a bit of a public resurfacing into the music world, that he would be releasing a new album. That news was met with huge excitement from a spectrum of music fans from those too young to have been immersed in the world of his previous work, and the people who were there to experience it.

As part of the process of releasing the album locally, his management agency Black Major put on a series of live performances of the new material in full. Popsicle TV were thankfully approached to document the whole process and today a video was released. The video begins with a sincere deep dive into what informed the sounds and direction Laband explored with his new record, including the inclusion of sampling from the news and other everyday spoken word from the world.

It also includes a live performance of ‘Squeeze The Trigger’ at the one of the official Deaf Safari album launch concerts at Cape Town’s New Space Theatre, which featured Shane Cooper (aka Card On Spokes) on effected stand-up bass and bass guitar as well as live visuals from visual artist (and Laband’s partner) Kerry Chaloner.

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