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New Fever Trails: One New Original Single and a Remix of Batuk’s ‘Vida’

Fever Trails Draw Me Wax Bridge Mark Reichardt

For those who aren’t yet savvy to Fever Trails’ latest iteration, the project that was once performed live by various combinations of great musicians has been stripped down to its primary creative force: Nicolaas van Reenen. The Bateleur singer and multi-instrumentalist’s pet project has gone properly solo. And what better way for listeners to delve into this streamlined endeavour than with two songs that display composite aspects of his musical skill-set – an original single AND a remix.

The former, ‘Draw Me’, is the lead single and opener from his rather anticipated Wax Bridge EP, due out 12 September on Quit Safari. It commences as a percussion-defined easy-rider before gently morphing into a more busy-bodied affair that doesn’t deviate too far from the original idea. It shuffles without dragging its feet with some of its traits teetering on popular conventions. But by the end of its five minutes it becomes clear that what we’ve witnessed is a commendable marriage of Van Reenen’s musicality and the at-odds, jittery sounds that pepper his unspooled creative thoughts. It bodes well for the forthcoming release. ‘Draw Me’ has been released as a Boiler Room Debut.

Then there’s the remix, premiered on Monday on Clash. The original track, ‘Vida’ is by the exciting new trio, Batuk (consisting of Aero Mayelo, Manteiga and Spoek Mathambo and a slew of collaborators). With its textural feel completely revamped, the song is adapted to Van Reenen’s own rhythmic stance, and he makes a credible point in submitting his take on it. The release was specially commissioned to be added to the expanded release of Batuk’s Musica de Terra coming out at the end of September. Listen here.

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