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Okayshades Revolutionises Fever Trails’ ‘Stop That Too Juicy’

Fever Trails Okayshades Remix Stop That Too Juicy
artwork by Mark Reichardt / photo by Katja Marr, courtesy of the artist

When Quit Safari first emerged as a podcast about a year ago, it felt voyeuristic listening in on it. It seemed more like a group of friend’s music-sharing session surreptitiously recorded than a polished product, which was the point. It’s members – all cape electronic music luminaries such as Christian Tiger School, Damascvs and Fever Trails – have never been shy about admitting the project’s focus on unity and camaraderie through music. If you had any doubt, the first words uttered on it were, “wow, thats real nice Luca” between two Damascvs cuts. It was, and remained, intimate, insular, and tight knit – until now.

For the first time, Quit Safari – which has morphed into something closer to a net label run by friends than just a podcast run by friends – has opened it’s doors to a foreign energy by letting dance producer Okayshades remix Fever Trails’ Stop That Too Juicy, which was released just last week as part of his Wax Bridge EP.

The original track was another step into familiarly excellent territory for Trails, albeit with more of a low-slung, down-tempo swing than his previous, techno-inspired efforts. The resulting remix track from Okayshades, on the other hand, is one of the most overtly dancefloor-oriented efforts to leave the Quit Safari stable yet, crystallising the original’s shifty shuffle into a steady, Pepe Bradock-like deep pulse.

Strap in for some heavy grooves, stream the track below, and don’t miss last week’s full artist feature on Fever Trails here.

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