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#FindTheNomads Documentary Released

Yesterday saw Nomadic Orchestra release the documentary of their #FindTheNomads campaign, shot…

Yesterday saw Nomadic Orchestra release the documentary of their #FindTheNomads campaign, shot and edited by Tash Montlake and produced by Popsicle TV. The band members discuss the conception of the campaign, their favourite moments, most awkward moments, most challenging moments and provide a general overview of what is was like to execute the campaign – with plenty of band banter.

The campaign is the brainchild of Ryk Otto, a fellow musician and Marketing Director of the newly formed and still-to-be-officially-launched Popsicle Studios. The concept of a pop-up, whether it is in the form of a store or a show, is nothing new, but Nomadic Orchestra provide more than enough originality and uniqueness as the foundation for the content of a campaign. 

The #FindTheNomads campaign saw Nomadic Orchestra playing flash-mob-type performances at unsuspecting venues throughout the city. The true beauty in taking their music to people is that it’s often easy to forget that people who are committed to music and any particular music scene in the city make up such a minute component of the population. Therefore, it’s so easy to become completely accustomed to the mindset of “bands play in clubs and their marketing, which generally consists of self-generated content and word of mouth via social media, is solely based on getting people to watch and like their videos, listen to and (hopefully) buy their music, but most importantly to come watch them at those clubs”. By taking their music to people who would most likely have never heard of them and probably would never hear about them – despite the aid of social media – Nomadic Orchestra directly provided people with the end product (their music) in an unavoidable way in unique environments. A poster for a gig on your Facebook newsfeed has become part of your everyday routine; a five-piece Balkan-jazz band on the side of the highway has not.

The campaign was ultimately a success and while a lot of that has to do with Nomadic Orchestra’s own uniqueness in terms of their sound and set up, the fact that they presented themselves in such an effective manner was without a doubt the key. It provided people with a new experience, evoking emotion which ultimately led to the natural human reaction of wanting to share that experience – and thanks to social media, this is now very easy. However, what #FindTheNomads did was not to request that people share the experience, instead they provided an experience that people would naturally want to share, resulting in an abundance of instantly credible audience-generated content. This is summed up perfectly by Greg Abrahams and James McClures’ respective comments on the social media aspect of the campaign: “People actually shared stuff because they wanted to and because they were interested and they cared [laughs], you know?”; “It was crazy to see people just go nuts. They were all over it; they did the work for us.”

Nomadic Orchestra have just returned from a tour upcountry and are back to work. Keep an eye out for their next show and watch the #FindTheNomads documentary here:


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