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Gateway Drugs’ David Gabriel Corpse subtly releases solo EP: Summer Romance

This morning, out of the blue, singer for Beach Party, Gateway Drugs, and drummer for The Dollfins, David Gabriel Corpse released a beautiful 7-track solo EP, entitled Summer Romance.

The EP is full of nostalgia, romance, and some beautifully melancholic chord progressions and marks a departure from the usual song-writing of his other projects, where the melancholy is usually veiled in fun and angst. He said that when he sits down to write music he doesn’t know what band it’s going to work for. This music didn’t fit in any of them, but he says he realised that the tracks all kind of worked together and resulted from experimenting a lot on the piano too.

The lyrics, as with most of his songwriting, come from real emotion and real experiences, as he finds it to be more relatable that way. The throwback-y musical styling, supported by a childhood photo of Corpse, is influenced mostly by The Beatles, circa Magical Mystery Tour, as well as David Bowie’s Hunky Dory and Iggy Pop’s The Idiot.

On the question of authenticity, Corpse had the following to say:

“It’s South African because I’m South African and it was made here … But considering the musicians that have influenced me for this, it doesn’t really have any SA flavour, so to speak, apart from my accent.“

The EP was recorded and produced by Phil Kramer, after Corpse “failed dismally at recording them alone”, at Kramer’s The Cave Sound Studio, with the hissy, compressed sound created with an analog tape recorder. The album cover art was created by Ian Jepson.

As for the future of this body of work, and any more that might come, he doesn’t have any real plans to take it to a live audience, “unless there is a solid demand for a live show”, in which case he might put one together.

“This was just a way for me to release a bunch of music I’ve had for ages that I thought I needed to get out there. I didn’t want them to be forgotten, I really like them and maybe someone else will really like them too.”

Here’s the EP, What Do You Think? 

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