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Glasto 2014: John Wizards to Take Over Our Insta For The Day

We’re really looking forward to this. It’s going to be super rad.

We all love to find out what happens when our favourite musicians are canoodling with other people backstage at the biggest festivals around the world. We just can’t help wanting a look at the most private and/or ridiculous moments of our idols when they’re off stage or meeting their idols.

It is for this reason, and because John Wizards is just so excellent, that we have asked them to take over our Instagram feed for a day at Glastonbury Festival tomorrow. 
We hope to get an inside look at them gallivanting around the fest and backstage, as well as a glimpse at what happens before, during and after doing what they do best; the performance of their excellent music.

Follow our recently established @PLTFRMmedia Instagram feed and keep your eyes peeled for #JohnWizardsAtGlasto starting tomorrow morning!

In the mean time, follow their entertaining Insta anyway.


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