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Gourmet’s ‘There You Go’ out via 1991’s Annex and Kitsuné

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When considering musical talent in South Africa, one does not have to look too far or think too hard in order to be aware that there is plenty. However, in comparison, one would definitely take a bit longer to think of artists presenting themselves in a globally professional manner: specifically where the output of creativity is creative in and of itself.
While this might be the case on a macro level, there are a handful of agencies and labels that are putting in the effort; and arguably one of the most notable being Cape Town-based multidisciplinary studio, label and collective 1991. Every release thus far has delivered us tracks, videos and images in a neat and refreshingly well-designed package that avoids the usual and easily ignored sharing of a link on social media. They began with what could be referred to as their champion release space, the Exhibition, which includes Gourmet‘s tracks ‘Yellow’, ‘Delicious’ and album Cashmere. Also released in that online Exhibition were tracks ‘MA14’ and ‘Comme L’Amour’ by Maxime Alexander, whose ever-expanding range of pseudonyms seems to also now include Constantia Mom, under which the first Annex release was shared.

As of two weeks ago they launched the Annex: “a bi-annual publication of ten spontaneous releases — an additional space for artists designed to accommodate experimentation, sharing an alternative perspective to the Exhibitions.” Thus far the Annex has featured the debut single ‘Fingers’ by previously mentioned Constantia Mom, and most recently, a new single by Gourmet called ‘There You Go.

Holding true to the experimental encouragement of the Annex, Gourmet returns to a sound more reminiscent of Cashmere but with a harder-hitting attitude. The intro is a gripping passage of percussion and bass which leads into his signature lamenting but light-hearted vocal style and wordplay. The track eventually opens up into a section of driving kick, bass and a refreshing rendition of a currently rare event: the guitar solo. It’s a great example of an artist revisiting an initial sound and injecting it with an updated feel.

The Annex has 8 releases left for this half-yearly first issue.

The track is also available to stream below or on iTunes/Apple Music:

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