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The Booth: Healer Oran Shares His Inspirations Ahead of Well Spent Sunday

Healer Oran Well Spent Sunday Maxine Rothbart-Thomik
Original Photograph by Maxine Rothbart-Thomik

Healer Oran is the solo project of Johannesburg musician and sound artist Andrei van Wyk. With a sound fairly uncommon to the general South African musical landscape, he combines elements of experimental noise music with rhythmic elements from various traditional forms from across the continent (including Ghanaian High-Life, Ramba, Maskandi) and SA-centric electronic music. The end result ranges from blood curdling feedback and bleak lyrics fuelled by anarchic arrangements, to dreamy jazz-inspired, guitar-led compositions. One simply needs to take an auditory stroll through his Bandcamp page to explore his unique approach; and to appreciate that he has produced 5 full bodies of work in just over a year from October 2014 to December 2015.

If you’re in Jozi, you can catch Healer Oran this weekend at (burgeoning Joburg collective) Hadedah’s fourth instalment of Well Spent Sunday – an early evening experience combining incredible-sounding food and experimental electronic music. The evening’s musical menu also features Veld, Behr and Leeu. As per usual, Hadedah blew us away with a wildly entertaining and intriguing concept video (below) to entice us into the evening (highly recommend). Submit a ‘mouthie‘ to win tickets!

We all want to know exactly what our favourite musicians are bumping, to get a sense of where the magic (partly) comes from. The Booth is a taste of all that. Healer Oran has shared with us 5 tracks that he’s into, in no particular order:

Charles Mingus – ‘Haitian Fight Song’
This piece of music holds a special place in my heart, primarily due to the chaotic arrangements in the music. It’s beautiful, and is something I have listened to since I was a teenager. When I first heard it, I felt like it had the usual elements of ‘Jazz’ but with all the blood-pumping energy one would find in punk and hardcore music. Mingus and his story also fascinates me.

Hanatarash – ‘My Dad is Car’

Yamantaka Eye is still a major inspiration to this day. Though he’s linked with the Japanese Noise music scene, his music seems to have no place on the world map. You won’t know where he’s really from until you look him up. Though I like Boredoms and Naked City, the legend of Hanatarash and their violent live shows in the 80’s still stick in my mind. The idea that he drove a bull dozer through the back of a club is awesome. But he also resonates with me as a person who forges his own narrative in various ways, and it’s something that I try to do in anything creative, which is to place emphasis on your own story in order to affect others in a positive way.

Vulfpeck – ‘Back Pocket’

I really got turned on to these guys and their wacky videos after the Spotify scandal they were involved in. ‘Back Pocket’ is a song I’ve been listening to constantly with my girlfriend, and is just a really amazing homage to 60’s R&B and Soul. Plus the flute solo at the end is pretty infectious. Their ‘Back to Basics’ is really refreshing.

Carlos Niño & Friends – ‘Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening!’

Carlos Niño is a new find of mine. The experimentation with drone music and minimalism is amazing. The music is very cerebral and subdued but extremely hypnotic.

Jon Bap – ‘Marissa’

Jon Bap is a pretty cool experimental soul musician. He places so much emphasis on drums sometimes, which I relate to. I’m not a percussionist but many of my musical influences end up being drummers like Milford Graves or Zach Hill and their rhythmic ideas inspire what I do. The atonal guitar work and soulful vocals are pretty great, but I think the album cover quite nice.

Check out this sample of what to expect from Healer Oran and get your tickets for Well Spent Sunday through the Facebook event.
Dinner and show: R200
Show only: R70

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