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Hear First Single, See Artwork for New Artist ‘mungo’

Simon Lee has been flitting around the edges of the Cape Town music scene for a few years now. He first appeared as one of the multi-instrumentalist talents in Booklub, and is the bassist in Thor Rixon’s live band, The Vibe. He has now announced a solo project under the name ‘mungo’, with the first single released today and the EP out next week on naas music.

This project traverses some of the same ethereal sonic spaces that the space-y riffs on Booklub’s ‘Western Hours’ and ‘ii’ hinted toward, but on this new project Lee is pointedly seeking and finding new ground on which to place his artistry. The World According to Mungo EP (out next week) is four tracks of delicious electronic experimentalism that cries out for headphone-oriented contemplation just as much as it begs to be blasted on packed dancefloors.

Listen to ‘June ’13’, the first track to be released off The World According to Mungo here:

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