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Track of the Day: Hessien x Plant Life – Nor

‘Nor’ is the latest offering from Cape Town’s electronic workaholics, Bas Van Oudenhove and Sebasiano Zanasi (Christian Tiger School) as Plant Life and Hessien. It serves as the penultimate part three of their collaborative EP, and follows the charismatic darkness of tracks like ‘HYTENSION’ and ‘Shifthand’ with the same electronic intricacy, but is decidedly lighter in aesthetic. Clips and samples bubble along throughout, supported by a shuffling back beat that eventually morphs into an  almost arcade-like synth ensemble.

Once ‘Nor’ is followed by the next instalment, Oudenhove and Zanasi will have graced the electronic scene with an 8-track EP, and as the two also comprise two-thirds of Yes in French, whose EP looks primed for release next week, their stream-of-electronic-consciousness doesn’t look to be ending any time soon.

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