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In case you missed it: Kendrick Lamar shouts out CPT in new song, ‘Untitled 2’

It’s been hinted at before that the songs that made it onto Kendrick Lamar’s much acclaimed TPAB were only a subsection of the material recorded. Earlier last year he blessed us with an untitled track as the last musical guest on The Colbert Report, and now again he’s given us a taste of some further non-album material with another untitled track on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The song moves in typically poetic fashion as Kendrick ruminates over his complex relationship with money and the means by which it’s made:

“See a nine-to-five was so jive turkey,
But when Thanksgiving came, checks didn’t hurt me”.

It’s obvious that, whatever the selection criteria was for TPAB, this song wasn’t excluded for lacking in quality. If anything the instrumental is more ornamental and fleshed out than a lot of what we’ve heard from Kendrick so far.

Later, in a line related to the Cape’s deep slave history K Dot raps:

“Your pain ain’t mine half the time
A brand new excuse ain’t nothing to me
See I made my moves, with shackled feet

Cape Town, Cape Town, Cape Town, Cape Town…”

He’s spoken before about his trip to South Africa and the influence it had on both him and the music he made in the run up to TPAB, saying, “When I went to Africa and got to see other people’s problems… They struggle ten times harder and was raised crazier than what I was … Going out there really inspired me. I wrote a lot of records out there.”
It seems that this is one of the resultant pieces from his productive trip down south, and it’s amazing.

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