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The Booth: Jakinda Shares His Eclectic Influences

Jakinda Luhnar Pickering The Booth Platform
Original Image by Luhnar Pickering / Courtesy of the artist

On Monday, Jakinda released Afrika 3000. The 4-track EP marks the second edition of his unique brand of the increasingly popular, yet more club-friendly gqom and sgubhu subgenres.

As we reported on Monday, the EP “trades in the raw, club-friendly aspects of the increasingly popular ‘traditional’ gqom for restraint and finesse, but in a way that still makes you daydream of the warm [read: heaving] embrace of the dancefloor, but allows enough room for the exquisite, immaculate journey it effortlessly takes you on. Jakinda states that, conceptually, the EP was an idea he had about taking people on a journey to the future and re-imagining black masculinity, love/heartbreak and self-discovery.”

We all want to know exactly what our favourite musicians are bumping to get a sense of where the magic (partly) comes from. The Booth is a taste of all that. This edition sees Jakinda sharing 5 tracks that he’s into, in no particular order:

Mikael Seifu – ‘Dropleton’

This is easily one of my favourite songs. I really wish this was my song, it has so many of the elements I’m trying to produce. The first time I ever played my own beats in a set, this song was the first song I played, just to ease people into my sound. So it’s definitely my kind of vibe.

Card On Spokes ‘Impala Parlour/Journey To Life’

Card On Spokes is one of my favourite artists and ever since I first heard this song live, I tried to recreate it. It’s definitely one of his best and I can’t get enough of it.

OKZharp & Manthe Ribane – ‘Teleported’

In my opinion, Manthe Ribane is the most underrated South African artist right now. I was a fan of her before I even knew she was a musician. Everything about her is interesting. The way she uses her voice in this song is incredible, I really want to work with her at some point this year, she’s way ahead of the game.

Bon Iver – ’10 d E A T h b R E a s t’

I almost gave up hope on Bon Iver releasing new music and then they released one of my favourite albums of 2016. This song is unbelievably good. The bass is really something else and I still wish I could sing like Justin Vernon.

Jamie xx – ‘Gosh’

One of the best music videos of 2016 and one of my favourite songs. I almost cry every time I listen to this song, it’s just so beautiful.


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