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New Music: James Blake’s New Album-Opener ‘Radio Silence’

James Blake captured attention in what has been a flurry of new music during the last fortnight or so by dropping a surprise and his third full length album, The Colour In Anything, late last week. ‘Radio Silence’ is the opening track of the album and though he’s never seemingly far from a coveted guest feature, it seeks to reacquaint us with Blake at his emotionally haunted best.

For someone who so readily furnishes silences with his delicate voice and deftly worked piano and synths, on ‘Radio Silence’ Blake is suddenly weary of the quiet. He pleadingly intones throughout, ”I’m sorry I don’t know how you feel,” and he seems to have arrived at that point where just talking about it is simultaneously the easiest and hardest thing in the world. Blake’s trademark drum snaps and textures have been transmuted into an entire landscape here; chilly and imposing from afar, but rooted in real emotion that shows in both lyric and delivery. James Blake uses ‘Radio Silence’ as an opening statement and it sounds as if he’s burrowed even further into his own isolation and yet emerged infinitely more relatable for it.

The Colour In Anything is available wherever you get your music, linked on his website

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