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Kajama Pray to the Moon for Love in Surreal New Video

Video Still // Courtesy of the Artist

Having released their debut EP, Polarity Prism earlier this year, Kajama have since been refining their live performance – including a trip to Cape Town in May. Taking things back to the world of releases, the future soul sister-duo gifted us with an incredible video yesterday for the Micr. Pluto-produced track ‘Lunar Moonlight’ feat. Tribal Rebel Ludi – directed, shot and edited by Jono Kay with some exquisite visual effects and motion design by Vuyo Serote aka Hak Gwaai.

The song is a prayer for love, but one directed at the moon, which upon hearing their call, descends to the earth in half-human form. According to Serote, this supernatural event is meant to symbolize the drama that one goes through when discovering love or falling in love.

Kajama Video Still

Still from Kajama’s ‘Lunar Moonlight’ Video

The visual aspect of the video is said to celebrate “Africanness” in a contemporary context with a sense of surrealism, providing a perfectly otherworldly and futuristic setting in which love becomes galactic – no longer an entity contained by our atmosphere. There is also an underlying ominous sense of painful longing and “searching for something that was never there or no longer there,” says director Jono Kay.

The video connects with the music perfectly, and significantly enhances its warm yet longing mood with some of the most impressive visual effects coming out of South Africa this year.

Watch the video below and enjoy the 5 minute journey that will transport you to a destination neither here nor there, but undeniably beautiful.

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