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Kanyi Dazzles on Razor-Sharp New Single ‘Ngqangqa’

Kanyi by Sabelo Mkhabela
by Sabelo Mkhabela

Kanyi is one of the best and most exciting rappers in the game right now. As a Cape Town native, her music is pure hip-hop, but contains a unique element of spirituality that is better felt than described. We’ve certainly seen glimpses of it on previous songs like the 2011 single ‘Ingoma’ from her debut album Iintombi Zifikile.

On her latest single, ‘Ngqangqa’, Kanyi proves why she’s in a league of her own.

Her delivery on the track is as sharp as ever – spitting complex rhyme patterns and featuring tongue-twisting wordplay, all while managing to tell a coherent story. The song’s narrative speaks of a lady called Ngqangqa, who is stuck in a life of crime.

Kanyi raps with a laid back tone – almost whispering, reminiscent of an artist with a similar style, Philadelphian rapper Bahamadia. ‘Ngqangqa’ was produced by Ted Krotkiewski, a Swedish producer working with Kanyi on a full EP titled Igubu Lami. She’s keeping mum about the release date, but given that this is the second single she’s released, it should be quite soon (check out her first single here).

Krotkiewski, who is part of a drumming band called Yakumbe, clearly has a love of percussion. On ‘Ngqangqa’, as well as on a previously released single ‘Andizenzi’, he plays around with robust live drumming over the customary hip-hop kick and snare, setting the music apart from other elements in the song.

With the video for ‘Ngqangqa’ coming soon, Kanyi’s upcoming EP is definitely one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

Check out the behind the scenes of the making of Kanyi’s ‘Ngqangqa’ video:


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