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Kay Faith Releases One of the Best Albums of 2017

Kay Faith
Image by Sabelo Mkhabela

Cape Town-based hip-hop engineer and producer Kay Faith has already had an enviable career working with the cream of the crop of South African hip-hop. She has recorded a mix of local and international artists such as Whosane, Yasiin Bey, Da L.E.S, Tweezy, Dope Saint Jude, Uno July, and YoungstaCPT, among many others.

With her latest debut EP In Good Faith, Kay Faith draws on her impressive network and gathers notable names in South African hip-hop – such as the aforementioned Uno July, Dope Saint Jude, and YoungstaCPT; as well as rising star Patty Monroe and the legendary DJ Ready D.

Kay Faith produces every song the album save for two, which she co-produces with electronic producer Buli and AirDee. With In Good Faith, the Cape Town beats-wonder has managed to craft a project that doesn’t sound like a mere collection of impressive singles, but boasts songs that, together, make it a cohesive and connected project.

Standout track ‘Asifunu Lala’ is a kwaito-influenced dancefloor packer that sees the duo Phreshclique lay sparse verses over a tight and infectious rhythm. Tracks such as ‘Falling (Blissful)’ and ‘High Note’ offer mellow instrumentation matched with heartfelt lyrical delivery, each balanced skillfully. Earlier on this year, Faith enchanted us with ‘Feelings and Stuff’, featuring Zaya and long-time collaborator Dope Saint Jude, a track that casts a darker spell on the album, with its neo-soul inspired R&B and syrupy instrumentals. 

As much as In Good Faith is a multi-genre exploration, hip-hop acts as its foundation, bookending the album on both sides. Uno July opens the project with a rappity-rap intro, which works well with the outro, featuring YoungstaCPT, DJ Ready D, Maloon TheBoom and Saya.

Ginger Trill lends more hip-hop heat, beasting alongside Oh Gooch on the trap-banger ‘Waya Waya’ – the project’s lead single.  

In Good Faith manages to sound diverse without sounding like one of those “there’s everything for everyone” projects, which often result in a scattered mess. There is a uniformity in the sound of the EP, which one would expect from an artist who has worked hard to perfect their craft.

It’s also refreshing to hear a Cape Town hip-hop project that caters for the diferent demographics of the city. It’s a rarity in a city where most artists prefer to stick to their kind. With a good push, In Good Faith could open more doors for Faith. And deservedly so, as this is definitely one of the best releases of the year.

Take a listen to In Good Faith below:

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