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Kid X Drops Rejuvenated-Sounding Single ‘Laundry Day Fresh’

Kid X Laundry Day Fresh

One thing Kid X has never lacked in is self confidence. While it’s true that confidence is a commodity item in hip hop, something you just have to trade, the decision X made to leave the mega label Cashtime Life speaks to deeper levels of self belief. Cashtime is a powerhouse in the local rap scene, and being an independent is always risky, but the feeling has been for a while that label politics were holding X back from releasing the type of music he wanted.

Now we finally have a glimpse of the 88 King’s vision, and it doesn’t disappoint at all. ‘Laundry Day Fresh’ sounds exactly how the title suggests – less of a reinvention than a rejuvenation. The same fabrics and patterns given a new lease on life. X flexes some laid back singing before jumping into some of the most relaxed verse deliveries we’ve heard from him yet.

The production in particular needs to be singled out for praise – splitting the difference between Joburg style 4/4 summer rap and more traditional trap in a manner that breathes life into both. It moves, builds layers and bounces, and I personally can’t wait to hear more from the producer of the track, Makwa.

Download the song here.

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