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List: 10 Albums From 2012 You Might’ve Forgotten About (But Shouldn’t Have)

One problem with music listening in this day and age is that there’s just too damn much. We can all relate. And we all have different strategies to compensate. Maybe we’ll only listen to one particular genre, or limit ourselves to a few albums a month, or only listen to what our one friend with the white ’78 convertible Beemer recommends. Music will always slip through the cracks; we have an embarrassment of riches. Ultimately, though, it’s probably the best problem we could possibly have, so much so that it feels ridiculous labeling it as such. 

And so even though 2012 ended less than 10 months ago, I still found it necessary to refresh my memory a little bit, and share what I found with all of you. These aren’t all the best albums of last year. And many of them you might not have forgotten about at all. But, for whatever reason, these albums have slipped slightly under the radar of late and some of them have fallen out of the conversation entirely. All of these albums are gems, though.

If there are 2012 albums that you think have been unfairly forgotten, let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter. 

Here they are:

10. Passion Pit – Gossamer

Passion Pit get a bad wrap a lot of the time. The manically happy synths and Michael Angelakos’ chipmunk-esque voice turns many people off. But beneath that lie stories about fighting for your life in the face of unyielding depression and mental illness. Angelakos, suffering from intense bipolar as he does, is one of the most interesting men in music and Gossamer is an upbeat album about his daily hell. It was released to rave reviews in July last year, but was omitted from most year-end best-of lists by the end.

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