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Listen to 2 Tracks from Yes In French Members: Plant Life x Hessien

Earlier today, two-third of Cape Town electronic trio Yes In French, Sebasiano Zanasi (Christian Tiger School) and Sebastian…


Earlier today, two-thirds of Cape Town electronic trio Yes In French, Bas Van Oudenhove and Sebasiano Zanasi (Christian Tiger School) have released two tracks under the names Plant Life and Hessien. They have also announced that the Yes In French EP is currently in for mastering and should be entirely finished in just over a week.

The two tracks shared are quite breathtaking. ‘HYTENSION’ in particular is a beautiful, urgent sweep of IDM that propels along for 6 high-octane minutes. Dark undertones hover beneath the intricately danceable percussion. ‘Echelon’ is equally accomplished at half the length, and ‘Echelon (Outro)’ provides the exhale necessary after the force of the ten-minute release.

These two tracks are the first of eight that they plan to release over the next month: two a week for four weeks. These two tracks appeared seemingly out of nowhere, but now they’re around we can’t wait to hear the rest.

Listen to them below:

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