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Lo-ghost Wrote an Album in 6 Months and it Launches Tonight

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Image by Terri Robberts

Just over a week ago, we had the pleasure of hosting Cape Town alt-pop duo, Lo-ghost, in The Booth where they shared their exquisite influences with us. We also touched on the announcement of the exciting launch of their upcoming debut album, There’s blood in my body and it sounds like this:.

The launch, taking place at The Manila Bar in Cape Town, will play host to an impressive combination of South African artists. Felix Laband, one of the country’s experimental electronic music pioneers, will indulge us with his brand of hauntingly nostalgic dance music, accompanied by his signature style of video and visuals. Angel-Ho who The FADER described as a “Cape Town artist resisting colonialism’s legacy through sound” in a 2015 feature, will be taking the stage with a number of prolific performances already on the resume.

Last year they bought the house down at a Boiler Room live-streaming party hosted at The Waiting Room in Cape Town, and joined Dope St Jude at CTEMF 2017 in February – not to mention numerous performances overseas in connection with being one of the founders of the multinational art collective NON Worldwide.

The final addition to the line-up is none other than K-Dollahz whose “futuristic nostalgia waits on no dime.” It has been an extraordinary year for the Cape Town DJ whose ability to strike the balance of online persona bravado with kindness and sincerity is beautiful to behold. His performance at CTEMF 2017 was a dream-come-true for both K-Dollahz and fans – all the while also holding down a talent management position at Cape Town-based music agency Black Major.

In anticipation of the album release, Lo-ghost created a 15-episode podcast series called LO-GHOST: NIGHT SOUNDS. In each episode, Shannon and Evan take apart a track from the album, discussing the technical and musical aspects of the production and performance, as well as some of the themes and experiences that shaped the songwriting.

They have since released the first single off the album, ‘I Break My Own Heart,’ which sees a definitive exploration of production and experimentation with effects compared to their debut single ‘Ghost in a Blood Machine and debut EP, Mother.

On themes at the core of ‘I Break My Own Heart’, Shannon Devy says, “There’s a broken heart, and then there’s breaking your own heart. Being responsible for the breaking of your own heart? That’s a very specific kind of devastation, because there’s nobody else to blame. We don’t always know what’s good for us. We see something beautiful, and we break it to bits. And it’s so, so sad.”

On their new project, Evan Strauss had this to say: “When we started planning this album six months ago, the idea was to do the entire thing ourselves, including the production, the mixing and the engineering. Whatever we didn’t know, we would have to learn as we went along. And that is, to a large extent (with some crucial help from our incredible friends), exactly what we did. We lost sleep. We learned a lot, and we put together an album we’re really proud of.”

With four such inspiring acts in one sitting, the Lo-ghost album launch is really not something you can afford to miss.

Head over to the launch’s event page for any further information, which you can find here.

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